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Brian Vibberts’ taste for music started early in his childhood by participating in vocal, instrumental and musical performances. His background directly lead him to his true passion of recording and mixing music. In 1991, Brian earned his Bachelor Degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he thoroughly studied Music Production and Engineering. This provided him with the knowledge needed to become a long-lasting professional in the competitive music business.

New York City

Upon graduation, Brian moved to New York City and began his career at Right Track Recording, where he started working with high caliber artists such as Mariah Carey, Living Colour, and the Brecker Brothers.

In 1993, Brian had an opportunity to work at the Hit Factory, to enhance his recording and mixing skills. From 1993 to 1995, Brian worked with great artists such as Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Celine Dion, Meatloaf, David Lee Roth, Dave Matthews Band. He also spent an entire year with Michael Jackson for the album “HIStory” that brought his career to new heights.

The Hit Factory opened a new facility and Studio One was built to accommodate film scores and Broadway cast albums. Brian was selected as one of the top engineers in an elite group to run the high-pressured sessions. These opportunities expanded his expertise from album work to the ability of recording and mixing full orchestras. He raised the bar in the audio engineering field by working with Shawn Murphy, Dan Wallin, John McClure, and Michael Farrow. Currently, Brian continues to work as a freelance recordist at the Warner Bros Eastwood Scoring Stage.

On film scores / Broadway cast albums / Disney Feature Animated films

Brian continued fine-tuning his artistic craft of recording and mixing by co-working with the experienced engineers and producers that he admired. These world-renowned experts like George Martin, Bruce Swedien, David Foster, Walter Afanasieff, Babyface, Nile Rodgers, Al Schmitt, Tom Lord-Alge, Arif Mardin, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Tommy LiPuma and Trevor Rabin helped Brian accomplish high quality studio work. Because of the excellent work he achieved at the Hit Factory, Brian kept gaining respect from the artists and producers.

In 1995, with his rich experience of recording and mixing, Brian was hired as a staff engineer at Sony Music Studios. He continued his high standards of engineering when working on sessions with successful artists like Tony Bennett, Mariah Carey, Sting, Garth Brooks, Lauryn Hill, Jewel, Bruce Springsteen, and producers such as Phil Ramone, Jack Douglas, and Daniel Lanois. Brian is always on the latest technological front line, an indication of how knowledgeable and dedicated he is to the art of recording sound. One of the highlights of Brian’s career was mixing half of the Herbie Hancock album – “Gershwin’s World,” recommended by Bruce Swedien.
The album won four out of the five GRAMMYS it was nominated for, including Jazz Album of the Year. Many have said that he hears audio at a deeper level. His ear is attuned to the major elements of sound as well as the smallest details and every layer in between! From the minute you walk into the studio, he sets the tone that is conducive to the music and the creative process behind it.

Expanding into LIVE SHOWS, Brian was chosen to work alongside John Harris and Mitch Maketansky on shows such as:

“Hard Rock Live” – Ringo Starr, Yes, Phil Collins, the Black Crowes

“A&E’s Live By Request” – James Taylor, Tony Bennett, Gloria Estefan

“MTV Unplugged” with Alice in Chains

Live shows broadcast via satellite:

  • Aerosmith, Alan Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Soul Asylum, Harry Connick, Jr.

 2001 Grammy Awards

  • U2, Destiny’s Child, Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan

 MTV Video Music Awards

  • Christina Aguilera, Red Hot Chili Peppers

My VH-1 Music Awards 2000

  • U2, No Doubt, Bon Jovi

MTV Metallica Icon Awards

Brian continues to record live shows, such as the 2017 Grammy Awards, and mix live broadcasts for iHeart Radio (Fifth Harmony, DNCE, Tinashe) and Music Mix Mobile (Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Award Shows).

Los Angeles

In 2000, Brian relocated to Los Angeles, where he was determined to diversify his recording and mixing skills while pursuing a higher level in the music business. He was soon hired by Ocean Way Recording, which opened opportunities to work with Mick Jagger, Fiona Apple, Paul McCartney, Tim McGraw, Dr. Dre, Eric Clapton, and The Doors of the 21st Century.
From New York City to Los Angeles, Brian has worked with many exceptional artists and successful producers on top-selling albums. Overall, he has participated in the making of albums with a total of 270 Grammy Nominations and 75 Grammy Award Winners!!!
Due to his patience with the artists, professionalism in the studio, and perfection of each and every project, he has established a fantastic reputation in the music industry. (One of Brian’s favorite experiences is working with Green Day, as they convinced him to cut his long locks for a more updated hair style. How many people can say they got a hair cut from Billie Joe and Tre Cool?!)

Brian – also known to his admirers as “Dr. Vibb” – is now freelance, mixes for label and emerging artists in his private studio, and has won an astounding 6 Grammy Awards. Although he has worked with many multi-platinum artists, he welcomes young and new talent to support rising musicians feel comfortable in the studio. Brian has the capability to get outstanding sounds and results with any size studio and budget. One of the rea
sons artists and producers admire Brian is that he is versatile in many styles of music – pop, rock, country, jazz, R&B, film scores and world music.

Brian Vibberts has applied his artistic genius to the music profession with results that would be impressive for any company and seemingly impossible for a single person. With a renowned music collection of over 11,000 CDs, Brian brings the knowledge of a myriad of music to his productions, fusing sounds and timbres in a manner that only his artistic ability and experience can achieve.

Brian has always cared about achieving the best sound and this can be heard in his reecordings and mixes. This pattern is seen in the microphones chosen, the converters, the digital clocking and acoustic treatment of his studio. Brian works on multiple beta teams for several well-known manufacturers, where his knowledge and technical input is highly welcomed.